Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Haiti and Aristide

Haiti (more on the wonderful news from Spain later as I need some thinking time):

  1. Aristide has given more details on the kidnapping (see also here and even here). He was tricked by the deputy chief of the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince, Luis Moreno, into going with an American escort to give a television address pre-arranged by U.S. Ambassador James Foley. The escort were supposed to supply security. Instead of going to meet with news media, the escort took him straight to the plane and flew him away. Witnesses, including an American security guard, confirm Aristide's version. The disgusting American media rather clumsily hid the truth.

  2. The disgusting American media did its usual hack job on Aristide so well you'd think he was Papa Doc and his opposition were a combination of Mother Theresa and Abraham Lincoln. They did such a good job of character assassination that even leftists ended up apologizing for him. All of this was highly unfair. His government was plagued by corruption, but was taking all the steps to improve the lot of the poor it possibly could in the face of extreme economic pressures put on it by the United States and its controlled international organizations. If you thought you saw corruption under Aristide, just wait until the current opposition get their hands on things! A lot of these guys have gotten to their current position in life by their skills at murdering people with machetes.

  3. France didn't like the bad example a socialist popular politician might have on its Caribbean assets, Martinique and Guadeloupe, and the Americans had similar fears about the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. You just don't want to give poor people any uppity ideas.

  4. The acting Haitian Prime Minister, Gerard Latortue, has accused Aristide of attempting to destabilize the country with his visit to Jamaica. Besides being acting Prime Minister, it turns out he is also a comedian!