Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The response to the murder of Sheik Ahmed Yassin

The murder of Sheik Ahmed Yassin has been greeted with all the predictable condemnations by all the leaders of the world (except of course for the Americans, who no doubt approved it, and may have even ordered it). I don't want to defend the guy, but compared to what's coming, Sheik Ahmed Yassin was a moderate, even a potential peace-maker, and Sharon had to know that his murder would lead to more violence against Israelis. Yassin's real threat may have been the possibility of peace and an end to terrorism, which would have ended the ability of the Israeli state to use retaliation and the 'war on terrorism' as an excuse to attack Palestinians as part of a program of ethnic cleansing, and thus end the Likudnik dream of establishing Greater Israel on land stolen from the Palestinians. What bothers me about the condemnations is that the world is acting as if this is some kind of surprise. It shouldn't be. Sharon has been trying to murder Yassin for some time now, and has managed to murder quite a few innocent Palestinian civilians in the process. Yassin was actually at one time held in an Israeli jail, and was released by none other than Benjamin Netanyahu. He could have been arrested and tried again if the Israelis were interested in justice. Instead, Sharon wanted to provoke a war, and has been allowed to get away with it. Civilians in other countries and in Israel are now going to face completely unnecessary deaths, all because Sharon is insane and no one does anything about it. The condemnations after the fact are worse than worthless. All they do is give Sharon more confidence to continue to ratchet up the violence. Each time he gets away with it, he is emboldened to do more. Talking is no good. The world, with the exception of the outlaw state, the U. S. A., has to immediately begin a complete boycott of Israel. The U. S. will veto or block any U. N. moves in that regard, so the boycott has to be an individual decision by each state against Israel (this will no doubt provoke some trade law litigation, but the delays in fighting it should be long enough to create the desired effect). The boycott would hurt Israel, but more importantly it should make it financially impossible for the Americans to continue to prop up the Israeli economy. The boycott would be a matter of social justice, a world-wide protest against the state violence against the Palestinians, the illegal settlements, the American-Israeli apartheid wall, the discrimination of Israel against many of its citizens, the targeted assassinations, and so many other crimes. Apart from that, it has become a matter of internal security for all countries in the world. The violence caused by Sharon is going to start to leak out. Politicians in countries who don't do something about Sharon are sentencing their own people to the inevitable violent response to the insane violence of the Israeli government.