Wednesday, April 28, 2004

AC-130 over Falluja

The United States is now using AC-130 gunships in its attack on Falluja, firing into urban areas of an inhabited city. This represents yet again a new low in American military conduct since the end of World War II (the new lows keep coming faster and faster, with the United States now having descended completely into subhuman behavior). The AC-130 is an airplane developed to kill every human being that is under it. The Americans are sending a wall of lead down on targets with no possible way to know whether the targets are civilians or insurgents (although it seems to me that everybody who is defending himself, his home, and his family from an illegal attack by an illegal and brutal occupying army must be considered to be a civilian; on the other hand, the Americans define everyone who they kill as a terrorist). Do I hear any uproar from Americans on what is being done in their names? No. Just a deafening silence.