Tuesday, April 13, 2004

American involvement in the coup in Haiti

The current American outrage is of course Falluja, but we mustn't forget Haiti. Here is a good article on the history of Haiti as background to the coup, the thugs the Americans support, and the thugs in the Bush Administration (Reich and Noriega) who were almost certainly involved. Information is starting to come out about direct American military involvement in training the armed gangs who have taken over the country. A preliminary report issued by the Investigation Commission on Haiti, a group investigating the matter, concluded that "200 soldiers of the US Special Forces arrived in the Dominican Republic, with the authorization of Dominican President Hipolito Mejia, as a part of the military operation to train Haitian rebels." In an interview with Amy Goodman, Dr. Luis Barrios, a professor of criminal justice at John Jay College in New York City and a member of the Commission, said:

"We were running interviews at the Dominican Republic and also field trips trying to get the information on what was going on in the Dominican Republic for the last two years. And preliminary reports from the report that we put together on the commission is that at least for two years, the group of rebels were living in the Dominican Republic. They were training different settings, military settings that belongs to the Dominican government. Also in San Cristobar. Also that they were receiving technical training every month through the so-called International Republican Institute at Santo Domingo hotel every month. That was also the day for payment."

The International Republican Institute (IRI) is the front used by extreme U. S. right-wing interests to stifle democracy around the world. In this case it worked with American Special Forces for a period of two years to train the army led by the murderers and gangsters who the Americans have now put in charge in Haiti. Dr. Barrios continues, talking about the IRI:

"They are behind this training. Not only the technical but also the money, and they were also some of the people who facilitate the so-called 20,000 M-16 rifles that were supposed to go into the Dominican armed forces and in some way most of them went into the houses of the rebels in the Dominican Republic. In addition to that, also, we identified through information for lawyers, journalists and also ex-militaries and militaries from the Dominican Republic that 200 members of the special forces of the United States were there in the area training these so-called rebels, Haitian rebels before going into Haiti."

and, tying together the American pattern of behavior:

"Well, it's the same pattern we have been following for years. It happened with Panama. It happened with Chile. It happened with all of the atrocities they have been running against Cuba and also Venezuela. It happened in my country, Puerto Rico, with all of the situations of being a colony. Going there, saying that we underestimate this kind of investigation. We understand it's not necessary. We have already run the investigation. Please believe in what we're saying is this kind of blind faith that makes people stupid, is they want to assess what Colin Powell is trying to get us to believe. We understand it's a lot of illegal actions here, violations of the Haiti constitution, but also a violation of international laws. He knows that, but he's trying to go there as a puppet and mask all of these crimes on behalf of the U.S.A. government. He knows he's guilty. He knows this government is guilty of overthrowing a democratic government. This is the third one, Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti and now they're looking at Cuba and Venezuela. This is how they do this."

This is how they do this. Condoleeza Rice, who you'd think would have other things to do these days, has threatened Jamaica with dire consequences if they do not immediately expel President Aristide. Jamaica, to its credit, has ignored her.