Thursday, April 15, 2004

The beginning of the end of Israel

Bush (or here):

"In light of new realities on the ground, including already existing major Israeli population centers, it is unrealistic to expect that the outcome of final status negotiations will be a full and complete return to the armistice lines of 1949."

So that's it, then. Fifty years of extreme right-wing lunatic Israeli yearnings have been realized in these few words. Despite years of tacit approval - not to mention funding - by the American government of the process of stealing the land from the Palestinians, no American president has ever been stupid enough to put into words an explicit approval for the ongoing Israeli breach of international law (needless to say, you can be sure that despite Sharon's assurances no major Israeli settlement in either the Gaza Strip or the West Bank will be given up). Bush even used the term 'realities on the ground', which of course directly refers to fifty years of illegal Israeli incursions on Palestinian lands, culminating in a frenzy of theft under the rule of Sharon, all with a scheme of pretending that the thefts are temporary while intending them to be permanent (the Israelis call this 'facts on the ground', and the Bush reference is crystal clear). Bush's approval of Israeli actions is a massive tragedy, for Israelis, for Palestinians, and, ultimately, for Americans, and represents the apotheosis of Zionist neocon power in Washington (you can bet there were a lot of Washington parties celebrating - mazel tov! - their overwhelming victory). In all the darkness, there is yet some hope:

  1. For years the Israelis have defended the settlements as temporary measures intended only for Israeli 'security'. The express promise was that Israel would abandon the settlements and live up to international law once its security was assured in a peace treaty with the Palestinians. We've heard constant stories about the desire to the Palestinians to destroy the state of Israel, and even references to the Holocaust ('never again') to explain why this policy was necessary. Sharon's final corruption of Bush has put an end to all that. The veils have been lifted, the lies revealed. It never had anything to do about security. This was an elaborate fifty-year old hoax perpetrated on the world to hide the real goal of stealing as much land from the Palestinian inhabitants of that land as possible. Once Sharon revealed that the land theft was to be permanent, regardless of the state of peace negotiations with the Palestinians, he put paid to the Israeli lies about security. We need never again give any credence to Israeli whining of how the Palestinians want to push them into the sea, of how they have to shoot children in the face and bulldoze building over their occupants in self-defense, of how the obvious cause of Palestinian unrest is actually the guarantee of Israeli peace. The lying is over. The goal was always land theft, and Sharon and Bush have proved it.

  2. The Palestinians have learned a valuable lesson. For years they have been torn between the single-state and the two-state solutions, and this has made their political efforts unsuccessful. Now they know for certain that a two-state solution is impossible. Sharon not only gets to keep the best lands Israel has already stolen, but can expand as much as he wants. All that would be left for a Palestinian state are the worst lands, waterless, disconnected, and bisected by Israeli military roads. There is no possibility for a Palestinian state, but only a Palestinian bantustan. Therefore, Palestinians now know they must direct their political, diplomatic, and direct action efforts towards a single-state solution, with one-person, one-vote over the whole area comprising Israel and the Occupied Territories. Demographics will take care of the rest.

Even though Bush's words usher in an era of immense tragedy, there is room for hope. American have allowed Israel to lie about its true motives while constantly expanding the settlements. The world now has conclusive proof of the lies, and the chance to move forward with a much clearer understanding of what is really going on.