Saturday, April 03, 2004

Falluja truth

Based on the series of lies told by the Pentagon to explain the Falluja killings, we can see with a great degree of certainty what really happened. The disgusting American media is so lazy and disgusting that it simply retypes the lies released by the Pentagon and presents them as gospel truth. This has made the Pentagon very sloppy in its lying. The latest version has it that the American victims were civilian 'contractors' working as private security guards for a shipment of food (they must have had to restrain themselves from claiming it was a shipment of baby formula). So let me get this straight. Falluja is so dangerous for Americans that the American military decides to ship its food through there, and hires security guards traveling in an unarmed, unarmored vehicle to protect it? This, through country that is so dangerous that when the Americans were attacked the U. S. army wouldn't go in to try to save them? Yeah, right. The way the story is presented is that these poor unarmed American civilians were set upon by a bloodthirsty and completely unprovoked mob of savage beasts. What has just come out, however, is that the marines were already one week into an operation intended to 'pacify' the civilian population of Falluja by attacking them with the might of the American military (as was done in Vietnam, with remarkably similar failure). In other words, the context of the Falluja attack on the Americans was that the civilian population of Falluja was in the middle of a military assault by American forces. The story about the 'civilians' being mercenaries working for a civilian contractor is also almost certainly a lie (claiming that they are mercenaries is a form of limited hang-out, masking the deeper truth, and Americans have been conditioned to believe it by by a mysterious sudden interest in the American media about mercenaries). Much more likely is that the contractor is an intelligence 'cut out' used to mask the real nature of the CIA or Special Forces agents who are assigned to appear to work for them. The reason they were in an unmarked, unarmored SUV is that they were working as spies involved in reconnaissance for the military operation that was already underway. They were probably pretending to be something that they were not, businessmen or, most likely, journalists (the American intelligence use of journalistic cover just makes the world more dangerous for real journalists), and were trying to find out something about the freedom fighters in Falluja. The real scandal of Falluja isn't the fact that some Americans got a small piece of what they so richly deserved, but that the American military has no ideas about Falluja - not a stronghold of Saddam as has been falsely reported by the disgusting American media but a city radicalized by incompetence and ham-handedness in the American occupation - other than to mount a military campaign against a city of civilians. In the middle of a military assault by the strongest military in the world against these civilians, some of them catch some spies operating to make their lives even worse. Can you blame them for what they did? The American military is now using the excuse of the killing of the American spies to justify what they were already doing before the Americans were killed!