Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Hostages in Iraq

As a result of the American massacre in Falluja, there are so many dead that the survivors have had to resort to burial in mass graves. I guess we won't be hearing any more from the American propaganda machine about the evils of Saddam's mass graves (just as Bush can no longer campaign on 9-11 when it is so apparent that his inadvertence - or worse - allowed it to happen). Americans can apparently put up with an infinite amount of evil produced by their own military, and have a surprisingly large tolerance for deaths of their own soldiers, but there is one thing they will not put up with. Hostages. The cease-fire in Falluja, which really wasn't a cease-fire but did represent a reduction in the American rate of slaughter, was as a result of as little as one American hostage. Bremer claims he won't be forced to negotiate due to hostage taking, but he is doing just that. Carter's misadventures in Iran and Reagan's misadventures in Lebanon were caused by worries over American hostages. For some reason, hostages drive Americans crazy. Iraqis are in a particularly fortunate situation as Rumsfeld's privatization of the American army (the privatization is becoming the Achilles heel of the American military), together with the mass of parasites from companies like Halliburton who arrived to steal all they could carry, mean that Iraq is crawling with juicy potential hostages. Just imagine the disgusting American media interviewing the tearful family members of some carpetbagger caught with his hand in the cookie jar and now threatened with becoming a living charcoal briquette. The Iraqis now realize that if they want to rid their country of evil they must start picking up hostages, dozens or even hundreds of them, preferably American. Bush's claims that he will not be moved will fall apart as soon as his poll results start to fall apart.