Thursday, April 01, 2004

Mutilated 'contractors'

Being a conspiracy theorist is fun. Every day you wake up and have to fight your way through the jungle of a new bunch of preposterous lies presented as gospel truth by the disgusting American media. Today we have some colorful fabrications about Rwanda - of which more later - and a real doozy about the dismemberment of some Americans in Falluja. Americans are all up in arms about this Somalia-style greeting to some no-doubt humanitarian American 'contractors' (also described as civilians "working for a security company", and, in case you are still doubtful, confirmed by the Pentagon as being civilians), serving in Iraq to make the lives of the Iraqi people better. Look at how the ingrate barbarians treat their liberators! Why we ought to . . . what? Drop bombs on them? Take over their country and steal their oil? Before analyzing the obvious problem with the story, I should consider the role of the contractors. These are evil, greedy, parasitic carpetbaggers who have come to Iraq under cover of the illegal American occupation to steal everything in Iraq that isn't nailed down. Death and dismemberment is just about what they deserve. But let us consider these 'contractors'. Falluja isn't a welcoming place for Americans. It is so bad, the American army won't go in there. Indeed, it appears that the 'contractors' were put in jeopardy because the army wasn't willing to take the risk of attempting to save them. Now we're supposed to believe that these 'contractors' were just having a swell time driving around Falluja enjoying the sights? These people weren't contractors. CIA or Special Forces, but not contractors. The truth has started to appear in that they were driving the type of vehicle driven by Special Forces and were wearing military-style dogtags. They were spies or worse, and were given the proper treatment for spies. The disgusting American media put out the usual Pentagon propaganda to incite immediate American hatred, and the truth comes later, when no one is paying attention.