Monday, April 05, 2004

The mysterious revenge for Falluja

The original Falluja story was that there were non-Americans killed, and at least one woman. I assume these little lies were intended to support the story that the dead were not American spies or Special Forces. The story that they were supposed to be guarding a food convoy in an unarmored SUV in the middle of a war zone already under attack for a week by the American marines and a definite no man's land for Americans is a silly elaboration of the original lies. The lies indicate that the Pentagon is trying to cover something up. Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt, deputy chief of U.S. military operations in Iraq, said:

"Coalition forces will respond. They are coming back and they are going to hunt down the people responsible for this bestial act. It will be at a time and a place of our choosing. It will be methodical, it will be precise and it will be overwhelming."

Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage said:

"There will be a price extracted. There will be a response and it will be obvious to all."

Bremer of Baghdad said that the killings "will not go unpunished" and that the victims "have not died in vain". Say what? Officially, the dead were security guards for a cargo of food. Their official service to America (and thus to truth, liberty, democracy and justice) was to ensure that some marines got their breakfast burritos in time for breakfast, so they would not have to go out and murder the civilians of Falluja on an empty stomach (I find the concern about the plight of the American dead by American right-wingers laughable, crying over people who take money to kill other people while having absolutely no concern about the Iraqi children burned to death as a direct result of American bombs dropped on the basis of justifications which have all proven to be lies). "Not died in vain." What the hell is Bremer talking about? I have a simple question. American military contractors have been killed before in Iraq. In fact, their deaths are not uncommon. The bodies of American soldiers have been mutilated (although the Pentagon later denied it). So why are the American authorities promising to go apeshit over Fallujah? It's not like the killings were completely unprovoked, as the civilians of Falluja had already been under attack by the American military. Might the Pentagon have a special reason for being so mad about the deaths of these particular 'civilian contractors'? If the deaths of your 'civilian contractors' are not violently avenged, you might have difficulty recruiting more 'civilian contractors', and the 'civilian contractors' you have operating behind enemy lines might want to find a line of work other than being 'civilian contractors'.