Tuesday, April 06, 2004

World War III

Given recent events in Israel and Iraq we have to consider the very real possibility that it is the intention of leaders in both the United States and Israel to start World War III in the Middle East. Sharon and the Israeli right have completely run out of ideas and time. The demographics continue to destroy the future of a Jewish Israel, with each day bringing a net increase in the Palestinian population, and the IDF, in spite of its best efforts, unable to murder sufficient Palestinians to make up the difference. Despite the official Israeli statistics, anecdotal evidence suggests that the Jewish population of Israel is actually dropping due to the violence. In a few years the Palestinians will insist on voting rights in the combined Israel and Occupied Territories, and the area will finally return to Palestinian control. In the United States, the neocons have suffered horrible reversals due to the abject failure of their Iraqi war and the continuing revelations of all the lies they told to fool Americans that it was a good idea, and normal conservatives have had just about enough of them. Even if Bush gets reelected due to crooked computer voting machines - an increasingly likely prospect - the old-fashioned conservatives are likely to greatly reduce the role of the neocons in the second term. Without the power the neocons have now, their main goal, that of Greater Israel, will be impossible. World War III is the answer to all their prayers. It would make Bush a war president and ensure he is reelected while giving the Israeli right and their Israeli-American neocon friends the excuse they need both to enact the 'final solution' for the Palestinians and to go after full control over all the Middle Eastern oil fields under the guise of an all-out war against the Arabs. Richard Perle's insane ideas would become commonplace, and the war would make the Pentagon even more powerful than it is now (if that is possible). World War III explains why Sharon would assassinate Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, an otherwise baffling decision which is certainly going to lead to numerous Israeli deaths (baffling unless the Israeli deaths are actually what Sharon wanted). It also explains why the American occupation of Iraq is being conducted with such incompetence. Why does Bremer of Baghdad close down a newspaper which hardly anyone read, thus creating the tipping point to turn the Shi'ites against the Americans? Why do the Americans do everything they can to stir up unrest in Falluja, a place which could have and should have been cultivated as an American ally? Why are the Americans massing to create what looks like a huge war crime in Falluja? Why have they gone out of their way to make their natural allies, the Shi'ites, radicalized anti-Americans? Why have they gone out of their way to so antagonize specific Shi'ite clerics? Iraq is about to explode due to intentional acts by the American authorities. This isn't incompetence. The neocons appear to have decided that Iraq is their last chance to create the world war against the Arabs. Once the Shi'ites in Iraq explode, various groups in neighboring countries will also be set alight, and the resulting disaster will force the Americans to invade to protect the security of the oil fields. In the resulting wars, the Palestinians could be removed from the Occupied Territories, and the neocons would retain their reign in Washington.