Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Aziz and Berg

This article, and this intriguing thread discussing it, are the first strong indications that Nicholas Berg was more that the naif in Iraq who was unlucky enough to fall into the hands of some terrorists. Aziz was a prominent self-appointed spokesman in the American media in favor of the attack on Iraq, and was used by the neocons and the media to hype the attack. A few comments:

  • According to Aziz, Berg approached Aziz. You have to wonder whether Berg had approached the friend of Moussaoui who passed on Berg's email password to Moussaoui. If someone was on the trail of what Moussaoui was up to prior to 9-11, having him use Berg's email would be a clever way of finding out.

  • Aziz seems to travel in an interesting crowd, and has an interesting criminal background.

  • How does Aziz have knowledge of Berg's phone usage?

  • Why would muggers want to steal Berg's notebook?

  • Berg seemed to have prospects of working as a sub-subcontractor for the Iraqi Media Network, the controversial and amazingly trouble-ridden stooge media empire being set up in Iraq by Bremer of Baghdad. Was this connection made through the neocon contacts of Aziz?

  • The clerk in the Al-Kalaa Hotel in Baghdad reported that Berg had Jordanian currency with him, not surprising as he traveled via Jordan, and Iranian currency.

  • Why was Berg detained by the Iraqi police? What do they mean when they say he 'seemed confused'? Was he drugged?

  • Why would terrorists have captured him in early April, and then held him for weeks without any hostage or ransom demands, before killing him?