Tuesday, May 11, 2004


From an interesting interview with Hunter S. Thompson (HST) by Adam Bulger (AB) (my emphasis):

"HST: And sort of on my way to bed, I saw something on the, heard or saw, something about a plane hitting the World Trade Tower. The first reports were of the 'small plane' - like one of those things that sometimes hits buildings around the world. That got my attention just enough not to go straight to bed. I turn around and have a look at the TV set, just in time to see that other one go straight in. Jesus.

AB: Um. . .

HST: Hang on a second there . . . there's so many things about who uh, oh boy, this is a dangerous area. But I talked to witnesses, I'm just thinking of one in particular, a guy, a driver who watched the, just happened to be taking uh, maybe the owner of the Giants, I forget who he was, but he was out at the Meadowlands. But he saw both of them hit.

AB: Right.

HST: Direct line of sight. The first one, he didn't get really get a line on, but it got his attention, though he hadn't seen the approach. But the second one, he said, uh, and I heard this from other people, but very few, really, calm and sane accounts the moments of insanity. I happened to see the second one go in, but just the last few seconds, as it came out of the left, stage left, and then plowed right into the front of the center of the TV picture and the center of the building, uh, perfectly. And I wrote that it was one of the most efficient, uh, most skillful and just about impossible um, acts of piloting . . . That's a very rare, uh, uh pilot . . . can take a big plane and plant it right as if a target or bulls-eye was on the side of the building. Apparently that second plane approached, and veered off, and made sort of a half-loop and then sort of came back and aimed again and then hit the building.

AB: Right.

HST: Have you heard this, or did you see that, or do you know about it?

AB: Yeah, well I've seen the tape so many times.

HST: But have you seen what would be before the tape that we see, like a minute before the hit?

AB: No, I haven't.

HST: Well, I haven't either, really. But there were eyewitnesses. And several people have said that, but you had to be watching. This guy happened to be at the Meadowlands. Cause I've kind of seen it as something that's really horrible and atrocious but not that hard to pull off. I mean it just seems like they got some box-cutters and they hijacked a plane and they flew it into a building. It doesn't seem like there was that much skill or that much preparation really. It's pretty broadly assumed that there's is a lot more to that story than the uh, the simple, kind of evil guys who just wanted to learn enough about flying to take a plane off but not land it.

AB: Right.

HST: Remember, everything we know about that, that incident, and it was a horrible thing, I mean tragedy! Uh, and about Iraq and about Afghanistan and the people allegedly inside those countries, you know, Bin Laden . . . Everything we know in this country is spun through the CIA or NSA, but lets call it the CIA."

The Official Story about 9-11 is that some fundamentalist Islamic terrorists came to America, learned how to fly at American flying schools well enough to perform the simple maneuvers required to plow planes into buildings, and performed well enough to hit the two towers and the Pentagon. The Pentagon story has always been unbelievable, with incompetent Cessna pilot Hani Hanjour required to suddenly acquire the skills of a stunt pilot to manage to crash Flight 77 into the Pentagon at exactly ground level. The second plane to hit the towers was Flight 175, supposedly piloted by Marwan Al-Shehhi. If he demonstrated fighter-pilot skills on his reapproach to the WTC, it destroys the credibility of the Official Story. It would mean that the pilots were highly trained pilots before they arrived in the United States, and weren't just a few religious nuts who learned to fly as students - and not very good students - at American flying schools. The American flight training has always been said to be just enough to allow them to take over the flights from the original pilots and guide the planes directly into their targets. It is quite possible that the entire story about the Florida flight training is itself a deception to give credibility to the Official Story about the identity of the hijackers. Everything we think we know about the hijackers, including the little we know about the Florida flight training schools, may be part of this deception.