Saturday, May 15, 2004

More thoughts on Nicholas Berg

A few more thoughts on the death of Nicholas Berg:

  1. If the beheaders were talking Russian, as some believe, that is not inconsistent with their being Israeli. There are a lot of Russians in Israel, and many of them from very rough backgrounds.

  2. How did the FBI find out that Moussaoui had used Berg's email password? The only obvious way is that they have a copy of the email received by whoever Moussaoui was mailing, showing that it was sent from Berg's email account. Who was this person, and how did the FBI know about him? Did they get the information from his famous laptop computer? We can be sure the recipient wasn't an identified 9-11 conspirator, or we would have heard that used as evidence against Moussaoui, especially as the evidence they have against Moussaoui tying him to 9-11 is very shaky.

  3. Berg may have been recruited when he was interviewed by the FBI about the password. Why did the FBI visit him three times while he was in custody?

  4. Why would an increasingly observant Jew be carrying around anti-Semitic literature, possibly written in Arabic, a language he couldn't read? Analogous to what we have seen in Israel, with the Holocaust misused to inspire a Holocaust against the Palestinians, it may be that Berg was using the tangible evidence of the hatred that some have against the Jewish people to justify to himself whatever it was he was doing.

  5. Going to Iraq without a job or any prospect of work makes absolutely no sense.

  6. The orange prison jumpsuit is probably not a clue. If the Americans were behind his death, they would be unlikely to be so stupid to have him killed in a jumpsuit which seems to be evidence of American involvement. The only way I can see such a mistake being made is if the video were a production of the same doofus guards in Abu Ghraib prison who were involved in the torture. If Berg was being held there, and 'accidentally' died, someone might have decided to kill two birds with one stone and make a video to take the pressure off the American torturers.

  7. Official American denial that he was in American custody, when we have clear proof that he was, is evidence of official American guilt about something. Why deny it if there was a legitimate reason to hold him? Are they afraid to disclose the reason they were holding him, or are they afraid the fact they held him proves official American involvement in his death?