Thursday, May 20, 2004

Rafah and Rwanda

People are still wringing their hands over the failure of the world to act to stop the slaughter in Rwanda. Given what is going on today and now in the Gaza Strip, with yet another unprovoked Israeli attack on civilians (not to mention the massive American-financed war crime of the collective punishment involved in the destruction of thousands of homes - and yet Americans still ask 'why do they hate us?'), together with the use of snipers to prevent ambulances from reaching the wounded, why isn't the world directly intervening today and now to remove the government that is ordering these monstrous crimes against humanity? The only difference I can see between what happened in Rwanda and what is happening today and now in Gaza is that the poor people of Rwanda had to do their killing with machetes, while Israel does its killing with the finest American supplied and paid for military technology. These outrages are no surprise: Israel has been signaling its clear intentions for days. The Israelis actually had to wait for their judiciary to rubber-stamp the invasion (the other modern country that had its war crimes pre-approved by its judiciary: Nazi Germany). If the world was sincere in apologizing about Rwanda, why is there no real action taken today and now to save the people of the Gaza Strip?