Thursday, May 06, 2004

Why do we know about the torture?

CBS sat on the Iraq torture pictures for at least two weeks before broadcasting a story on the issue. Why didn't they suppress the story completely? The disgusting American media does all it can to cover up for Bush, and never, ever, ever, broadcasts anything that would contradict the fairy-tale view of the innate perfect super goodness of America and Americans. The story might have been intended as a propaganda ploy to head off a story that was going to get out anyway, but the pictures were so extreme that they hardly constitute the 'limited hangout' that you would expect to see. So why was the story broadcast (I'll ignore as laughable the idea that it was broadcast because it was 'news')? Who benefited from the release of these pictures?:

  1. Israel, which now has perfect evidence that what it does on a daily basis to the Palestinians is no worse that what the Americans do to the Iraqis. In fact, Israel's crimes against humanity look positively benign compared to what went on in the George W. Bush Rape Rooms. How can Americans possibly complain about Israel now (not that they were complaining much before)?

  2. The neocons, who are trying to stave off irrelevancy by ensuring that WW III is well underway before the next American Presidential election. Even if Bush loses, they will be able to fit right in under Kerry, who has shown every indication that he will be as much of a warmonger as Bush. These pictures raised a predictable fury in the Middle East, making the coming world war all that much more easy to start and keep going. Once it is going, Kerry will be all to eager to go along, and will need the neocons to help him. It's happy days for the neocons!

You might want to ask yourself if you can think of another torture center where the torturers carried cameras to take souvenir pictures. A little odd, no?