Tuesday, June 08, 2004

'Atta' in Florida

Daniel Hopsicker has a good list of facts he has discovered about Mohamed Atta. Given Muslim attitudes towards pork, and given that Atta is supposed to have been so committed to his religion that he was prepared to die for it, it is impossible to understand his love of pork chops. Even more striking is his psychopathic capacity for cruelty. Psychopaths don't kill themselves, especially for a cause. They are too interested in themselves for sacrifice. In this I have to differ from Hopsicker. Atta may have been perfect for the job of preparing the attack, but he was not perfect for the job of being a suicide victim. I very much doubt he was on that plane. The picture that Hopsicker paints of the Florida Atta is impossible to reconcile with descriptions of the quiet and pious architecture student in Hamburg. Think of the Beastie Boys and this quote from his friend in Germany, Volker Hauth:

"We spoke about music cause I'm interested in music and I like playing music and he told me for Muslims it is not allowed to listen to music or to enjoy music in the way people from the western world enjoy music because of the impact of music. If you have a look to the young people dancing, very loud music, the impact is comparable to the impact of drugs and this is not allowed to Muslims."