Monday, June 21, 2004

The fatal flaw of the September 11 plans

Question: If you were Osama bin Laden sitting deep in your cave in Afghanistan and plotting in meticulous detail the terrorist attack which took place on September 11, and you stopped for a moment to look at your final plan, what would be the fatal flaw that jumped off the screen of your laptop computer and caused you to scrap the whole thing? Answer: the time between the diversion off the route of Flight 11, when air traffic controllers would start inching their hands closer to the phones to call NORAD (around 8:20 a. m., more or less), and the time, 75 to 80 minutes later, when Flight 77 is supposed to have slammed into the Pentagon (not to mention the even later time that Flight 93 was presumably slated to hit its intended target, a time at least an hour and a half after the terrorist planner must have assumed a warning would have issued from the FAA). Regardless of how incompetent and confused the American government response turned out to be, any planner of such an attack could never have assumed that it would take as long as it did for NORAD to respond, and certainly would not have assumed that air defense aircraft of the American military would be completely unarmed and completely unable to do the only job they are there for. With this obvious fatal flaw in the plan, why did the planner think, or know, that it would work? More on this soon.