Tuesday, June 08, 2004

'The girl in the polka dot dress'

From an interesting web site speculating on the identity of the assassins of Robert Kennedy, particularly the identity of the infamous 'girl in the polka dot dress':

"This website argues that Sirhan's handler was Kathy Ainsworth, a 26yo KKK terrorist from Jackson, Mississippi. If she was, her involvement points to her boyfriend, 21yo Thomas A. Tarrants III, as the Caucasian man seen firing three shots into Robert Kennedy by Don Schulman. The other persons involved in the assassination were a hypnotized Sirhan Sirhan, Sirhan double Michael Wayne, Gabor Kadar, Thane Eugene Cesare, as well as a possible traitor within the Kennedy camp, Frank Mankiewicz. The assassination was a joint FBI/ADL operation. The two organizations co-operated again a few weeks later when they arranged for the execution of two of the principals involved in the successful operation to purge America of its last great progressive politician. The country has been on a downward slide to militarism and irrationality ever since."

The LAPD did everything it possibly could to bury the story of the girl in the polka dot dress, up to and including intimidating the most important witness during a fake polygraph exam. The LAPD's actions in supressing the existence of an important suspect/witness, identified in one of the earliest reports of the arrest of Sirhan Sirhan, proves both the importance of the girl and the fact that her existence was officially embarrassing. According to the web site, Tarrants is still alive.