Friday, June 18, 2004

Ignatiev on Zionism

From a real humdinger of an anti-Zionist rant by Noel Ignatiev:

"If one part of the Zionist project is the expulsion of the indigenous population, the other part is expanding the so-called Jewish population. But here arises the problem, which has tormented Israeli legal officials for fifty years, what is a Jew? (For a century-and-a-half U.S. courts faced similar problems determining who is white.) The Zionists set forth two criteria for determining who is a Jew. The first is race, which is a myth generally and is particularly a myth in the case of the Jews. The 'Jewish' population of Israel includes people from fifty countries, of different physical types, speaking different languages and practicing different religions (or no religion at all), defined as a single people based on the fiction that they, and only they, are descended from the Biblical Abraham. It is so patently false that only Zionists and Nazis even pretend to take it seriously. In fact, given Jewish intermingling with others for two thousand years, it is likely that the Palestinians - themselves the result of the mixture of the various peoples of Canaan plus later waves of Greeks and Arabs - are more directly descended from the ancient inhabitants of the Holy Land than the Europeans displacing them. The claim that the Jews have a special right to Palestine has no more validity than would an Irish claim of a divine right to establish a Celtic state all across Germany, France, and Spain on the basis that Celtic tribes once lived there. Nevertheless, on the basis of ascribed descent, the Zionist officials assign those they have selected a privileged place within the state. If that is not racism, then the term has no meaning."

The rant explores some of the surreal ways the Zionists have had to twist logic into knots to satisfy their own peculiar form of political racism. Why are Israelis apparently so completely blind to the fact that the entire intellectual basis and justification for their failed state is a complicated series of beliefs, all of which are both racist and insane? Why are the Palestinians to blame for all their problems when the Zionists have set up a series of laws so nutty that they cannot possibly be expected to function? Mr. Ignatiev proposes the only logical solution to the problem, which is the one-state solution, but I'm afraid is a little too optimistic about George Bush.