Wednesday, June 23, 2004

John McMurtry's unspeakable propositions

Political debate is only allowed within narrow confines, confines which have devolved to being between extreme right-wing and unbelievably right-wing. Any discussion outside of the accepted parameters falls within what John McMurtry calls 'the unspeakable'. His list from 1988 of 30 unspeakable propositions is still largely relevant today, and I can find little to disagree about any of them (I think 14 is wrong as there is a correlation, albeit a negative correlation, and I think 25 is a particularly important one). McMurtry's essay, "Fascism and Neo-Conservatism: Is There a Difference" from 1983, is also worth reading, with Reagan's neocons continuing today, having only shifted the enemy from communism to Islam (McMurtry is a consistently excellent writer: also see his "Understanding the U.S. War State"). McMurtry's list was reprinted on the usually excellent MAI-NOT forum, a place where I find many good ideas. It is somewhat ironic as the 'progressive' posters on that forum seem to be having a problem with a poster called "Antifascist Bloc", and have resorted to calling this poster names for having the temerity to challenge their liberal assumptions, proving there are things which are 'unspeakable' on even the most progressive forums.