Friday, June 11, 2004


A former American marine, Ken O'Keefe (for some of what he has been doing, see here and here and here), is organizing a private peacekeeping force to move to the Occupied Territories in September to effect a ceasefire from militant Palestinians and to end the illegal Israeli occupation. This international force, which I gather would be largely composed of Americans, would be the new Abraham Lincoln Brigade (a group which was the first racially integrated military unit in American history and the first to be led by a black commander, not to mention a group harassed for years in the United States for alleged communist sympathies), this time of peacekeeping human shields, and would do more than any other possible action to restore the reputation of the United States so ruined by Bush. It is exactly the kind of action that would work, which is why neither the Israeli nor the American governments will allow it to happen (O'Keefe and colleague Ian Hodgson have already been arrested in Gaza).