Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Rafah Rant

Here is a good rant on what Israel has been doing to the Palestinians, particularly in Rafah. It's hard to fathom the suffering of people forced to live their whole lives in refugee camps due to the illegal actions of the Israelis, and then murdered and dispossessed of what little they have left all for the fault of living on ancestral lands that the Israelis want to steal (even an Israeli politician could see how similar Israeli actions are to Nazi actions in the Holocaust). The Israelis now have their ethnic cleansing down to a science. They make a big fuss about each violent incursion, making sure to utter the magic words that the incursion is necessary for Israeli 'security', move in quickly, do as much damage and killing as possible within the window of world outrage, and then partly withdraw. This allows them to continue to threaten the survivors with more cruelty, while allowing the world to pretend that the danger is over. The world goes back to sleep, and Israel waits a few weeks before repeating the process somewhere else. The most recent attack, replete with 'warning shots' murderously fired with tank shells into a group of children, was nominally supposed to be a hunt for tunnels through which arms are supposedly smuggled, but they found at most a very small number of such tunnels. As usual, bogus worries about security are the official Israeli cover for ethnic cleansing. Until the world does something about these outrages in the periods between the attacks, the Israelis will continue their slow-motion ethnic cleansing until the Palestinians are annihilated. As the world dithers, the Zionist crazies are emboldened, and each wave of Israeli crimes against humanity becomes more brutal.