Saturday, June 12, 2004

The Spanish police and the Madrid 'terrorists'

Three of the suspects in the Madrid bombings were informants for a police inspector in northern Spain. They made calls to the policeman and to the alleged ringleader of the bombing plot from the same pay phone outside the police station. The ringleader allegedly blew himself up when his apartment was surrounded by police (a very convenient death for the police). Joan Puig, a spokesman for the Catalan party ERC said the allegations of a terrorist connection to the police were 'surreal'. They are not at all surreal if you believe, as I do, that the bombings were not traditional terrorism, but were part of a strategy of tension orchestrated by the Spanish far right to influence the Spanish election results (thwarted by the refusal of the Spanish media to play along and by Aznar's bungling attempts to use the bombings for his political benefit). The Spanish police would have been heavily involved in this, and one would expect close connections between the police and the alleged terrorists.