Thursday, June 03, 2004

Truth Pioneer on Israel

From a column by Bill Kaufmann in the Calgary Sun:

"We hear constantly about an unfair 'double standard' imposed on Israel but if any existed, it's amounted to nothing but hollow verbiage.

The double standard that counts is the one enjoyed by Israel, courtesy of the U.S. which would normally slap economic sanctions or threaten war on countries illegally occupying and crushing their neighbours.

Instead, America's favourite ethnic cleanser, Ariel Sharon, is cut another fat cheque and offered more bulldozer blades.

If American Rachel Corrie had been squashed to a pulp by one of the 'axis of evil' it would have been grounds to launch another disastrous war.

Cindy Corrie says she hopes the killing of her daughter 'brings some change and balance' to U.S. Mideast policy.

But double standards die hard."

This is an absolutely amazing thing to be printed in a North American newspaper. All North American media outlets, under obvious pressures, maintain a constant lying stance on Israel. You have to be brave to even mention the obvious truth (by the way, Israel's back at it in Rafah). Watch for the vicious attacks on this courageous columnist to start flying.