Friday, June 18, 2004

The truth won't set you free if they won't let you see it

From a Knight-Ridder article (or here) entitled "Republicans Defeat Effort to Subpoena Justice Documents on Torture" (the title says it all) by Sumana Chatterjee:

"Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday defeated a Democratic-sponsored effort to subpoena documents on torture and interrogation practices from the Justice Department.

The 10 to 9 vote reflected the mounting partisan rancor over the abuse of Iraqi detainees at Abu Ghraib prison and whether U.S. officials condoned harsh interrogation practices on prisoners in Afghanistan and Iraq."

This is how it's going to play out every single time. The Republicans control all the committees and all the levers of power. All the numerous investigations, reports, and hearings that are supposed to herald the end this summer of Bush and the neocons are going to be systematically blocked, parried, obfuscated and run into the ground. By the time of the Republican National Convention there still won't be one shred of released evidence that will change anybody's mind. I don't know what to suggest. It is as if decent Americans are playing a chess game against the Republicans and the Republican pieces are all Queens. It is not helpful to engage in wishful self-deception about this. Americans are probably doomed to four more years of neocon martial insanity, which means that the United States, and the world, is also doomed.