Monday, July 19, 2004

Aznar's amazing admission

Former Prime Minister of Spain José Maria Aznar has now admitted (or here) that his government had a solid lead that Islamic radicals were to blame for the Madrid train bombings, even as his Interior Minister officially continued to blame Basque terrorists on the eve of the Spanish election.  Why would he make this gratuitous and embarrassing admission now?  In the JFK assassination, it appears likely that the original plan of the conspirators was to blame Castro and possibly the Soviets for the assassination, thus setting up the basis for an American invasion of Cuba (not much has changed in the past forty years!).  When Oswald inconveniently failed to be killed in the Texas School Book Depository or the theater in which he was arrested, the Cuban theory was abandoned as being too risky, and was replaced by the famous 'lone nut' theory which is still so beloved by stupid people today.  The threat that digging too deeply into the assassination might have led to World War Three with the Soviet Union may have been used to force those who really wanted to find out what happened to go along with the cover-up which protected the guilty.  On this whole subject you could start by reading 'Deep Politics and the Death of JFK' by Peter Dale Scott, a book everyone should read anyway, and Scott's analysis here.  Scott calls the Cuban-Soviet theory the Phase One theory, and the 'lone nut' theory the Phase Two theory.  The Spanish equivalent of the Phase One theory is that Basque separatists committed the Madrid bombings, with the fall-back Phase Two theory being that the bombings were the work of Islamic fundamentalists.  The Phase Two theory was created by hiring Muslims to be involved in the plot, or at least close enough to the plot that they could be used as patsies if the need arose.  The main plan was to use the Phase One theory to get Aznar's party back in government and then use the Madrid bombings as an excuse for a massive crackdown on the Basques.  If that theory failed, the Phase Two Islamic fundamentalist theory was to be used to protect the real conspirators, who were those from the extreme right attempting to use a 'strategy of terror' to control Spanish politics.  What has happened is that the whole conspiracy has turned into a disaster.  The lies of the Phase One theory were discovered before the election, and the anger at the deception led to the defeat of Aznar's party.  Now it seems that with each new investigation by Spanish authorities, the alleged terrorists turn out to have had close ties to Spanish police and security forces.  The Phase Two theory, that the Madrid bombings were an Islamic terrorist attack, is starting to fall apart as it becomes clearer that the attack was actually an attack by the extreme right, using Spanish police directing Muslim patsies, against Spain itself.  Aznar's 'admission' is an attempt to deflect attention from this fact and back on the Muslim patsies who were supposed to bear the blame if the Phase One Basque theory fell apart.  Aznar also claims he has some documents which he removed from the Spanish government, documents which will no doubt turn out to implicate Islamic fundamentalists.  The Spanish would be wise to ignore this deception, find out who actually was behind the attacks, and punish them.  American failure to do this after the assassination of JFK has led directly to the terrible state the United States is in today.