Saturday, July 31, 2004

The Bobby Fischer conspiracy

From a 'Statement Of Facts Reported By A Third Party' on the events at Narita Airport preceding Bobby Fischer's detention in Japan:

"Bobby found all of this to be slightly incredible because Bobby's passport was perfectly valid in every way with about two and one half years left on it till it expired on January 23rd of 2007. Furthermore in October and November of 2003 Bobby had personally visited the Bern, Switzerland U.S. embassy (the same U.S. embassy that had originally issued the 10 year passport No. Z7792702 to Bobby on January 24, 1997) because Bobby's passport was almost completely full with almost no place left for more visa stamps. Bobby had been sternly advised on several occasions by both Japanese and Hong Kong immigration officials that his passport urgently needed to get more pages put into it immediately so there would be space for more visa stamps. In about late October of 2003 Bobby told the people in the U.S. embassy at Bern, Switzerland that he needed more pages for his passport otherwise he soon wouldn't be able to travel for lack of space to make visa stamps. After about 10 days and many phone calls back and forth and at least 2 visits to the embassy in Bern they finally gave Bobby the extra pages for his passport.

The embassy at Bern never explained to Bobby what the delay was all about except to say that the state department needed time to make the decision whether or not to give him the extra pages. To Bobby surprise on November 6, 2003 they gave him the 20 or so extra page insert which they professionally bound into his passport free of charge! Such service! But that was about 8 months ago in neutral Switzerland. Now Bobby was in U.S. occupied? excuse US-U.S. controlled Japan. But it is highly significant and important to reemphasize that when Bobby personally presented his perfectly valid U.S. passport No. Z7792702 to the U.S. Embassy at Bern, Switzerland on November 6, 2003 far from confiscating and destroying his passport they actually gave him an about 20 page insert for it! The embassy perfectly sewed the insert into Bobby’s passport themselves in some high-tech manner so that it appears to be an integral part of the passport. If Bobby’s passport were 'Illegal' or 'revoked' or 'Invalid' or whatever then one would think that that was the time for the embassy to make their claim however false, unlawful and illegal that claim might be . . . "

Fugitives may not be issued a new American passport unless it is used to enable them to return to face trial, but Fischer was issued a new American passport in 1997, at a time when he was a fugitive, and had further dealings with American authorities concerning the passport in late 2003. The Americans now claim that his passport was revoked in a December 11, 2003 letter from the U.S. Embassy in Manila, a letter Fischer says he never received, and he apparently had no difficulty using his passport to enter Japan in 2004. If Fischer never saw the letter revoking his passport, he never received an opportunity to protest the revocation, which is his right under American law (the letter was only shown to Fischer the day after his detention by an American official). A spokesman for the American embassy in Tokyo has now denied that there is any connection between Fischers's detention and Japan's request for special treatment for alleged U.S. army deserter Charles Robert Jenkins. It is clear that there is such a connection, and that Japan has effectively agreed with the Americans to trade Fischer for Jenkins. Jenkins has entered Japan and the U. S. military claims to be preparing a case against him, so we'll see if there was a deal if that case is never presented. The Japanese interest in Jenkins is due to the fact he is married to a Japanese woman who was kidnapped by the North Koreans and held there for over twenty years. The real American interest in Fischer appears to be that he had the temerity to connect American policy towards the Middle East and what he felt to be retribution on September 11, 2001 for the injustice of that policy (it is also possible that this American action, like the whole attack on Iraq, reflects little George Bush's psychological need to clean up matters for his daddy, who may have been offended that Fischer defied his order not to play Spassky in Yugoslavia in 1992). The coincidence of Fischer traveling for years on an American passport and only encountering trouble when Japan needs an American favor, with Japanese authorities somehow miraculously finding out about the revocation between the time Fischer enters the country and the time he attempts to leave, is too great to ignore. It will be a tragedy if extreme nationalist attitudes in Japan towards protecting the interests of its citizens, as seen most notably in the scandal of Japan sheltering Peruvian crook Fujimori, results in the destruction of perhaps the greatest chess player of all time.


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