Sunday, July 11, 2004

The impenetrable wall

As I predicted, the impenetrable wall of Republicans who protect the Bush White House is continuing to put in long hours:

  • the impenetrable wall of the Republican-controlled Supreme Court ensures that Cheney's energy meetings will remain a deep, dark secret until well after the election;

  • the impenetrable wall of the Republican-controlled House ensures that Bush's Patriot Act continues in full fascist force;

  • the impenetrable wall of the Republican-controlled Senate Committee ensures that the CIA takes the full blame for all the Cheney/Feith/Office of Special Plans massaging of data to create the lyin' case for the attack on Iraq;

  • the impenetrable wall of the Republican-controlled disgusting American media ensures that the CIA story is covered to minimize any reference to Bush White House meddling in creating the phony intelligence, partly by impugning the integrity of whistle-blower Joseph Wilson;

  • the impenetrable wall of a judge in Washington throws out Sibel Edmonds' lawsuit before he even bothers to hear any evidence, all on the basis of protecting government secrets whose exposure could damage 'national security', and, in a neat trick, helpfully goes on to explain that he couldn't give further reasons as to do so would also expose such secrets (which is kind of ironic as the thrust of Edmonds' case is that the FBI translation system was threatening national security, and Ashcroft's moves to cover this up means that the same problem still continues; by the way, it being a small world, Edmonds' attorney, Mark S. Zaid, is also Mai Pederson's - remember her? - attorney);

  • the impenetrable wall of Ken 'Kenny Boy' Lay agrees to do the perp walk to take some heat off his pal Bush, complete with handcuffs (but where is the nice orange jumpsuit?), then waits around until the election when his case will doubtless disappear for 'lack of evidence'.

There is lots of talk about Cheney being in some kind of imminent serious legal trouble, or even that he is going to be off the ticket. Don't hold your breath. The impenetrable wall is tough and strong.