Monday, August 16, 2004

James McGreevey

In the real world of conspiracy theory, as opposed to the fantasy world of the 'news', sexual blackmail against politicians is a common occurrence. It is a far more important part of the political process than anyone wants to acknowledge, and probably explains many of the otherwise inexplicable things that politicians do. In the normal course of political business, if the blackmailer wants money, the blackmailed politician goes to his 'bagmen', who either raise the money required to pay off the blackmailer, or raise a lesser amount to hire a hitman to put the blackmailer in a shallow grave in the New Jersey wetlands. The money is repaid in political favors. In most cases, of course, the blackmail isn't about money, but is a method for the Powers That Be to obtain direct control over the legislative agenda of the politician. It makes absolutely no sense for a blackmail victim who is being threatened with the loss of his political career by being outed to ruin his political career by outing himself. The story told by the New Jersey Governor makes no sense, and those looking for an alternative explanation are probably on the right track.