Sunday, August 29, 2004

Larry Franklin, patsy

This latest Israeli spy story makes no sense, and may be part of a set up to protect the real traitors:

  1. As the story is being reported, the alleged spy for Israel passed on information concerning American policy towards Iran to AIPAC, which in turn passed it on to the Israeli government. This makes so little sense it is almost funny. Why would anyone even consider this convoluted, and dangerous, route? We have to assume that there is direct constant communication between Feith's office and Sharon's office. The fax machines and e-mails must just hum. I'm sure Sharon gets the latest on all relevant Pentagon matters before anyone else does. Why would Sharon need a particular American spy when the entire group of neocons in the Pentagon are his agents?

  2. The fellow being fingered as the spy is Larry Franklin, a career analyst and an expert on Iran. He is not a member of the neocon cabal, and, according to Haaretz, is not even a Jew. What motive would he have to risk everything to assist Sharon? Money? Why would Sharon pay money for something he can get for free? The standard Mossad model which has made Israeli intelligence so powerful is that Jews living in countries around the world are enlisted to help the cause of the Jewish homeland. There are a whole bunch of Jewish neocons in the Pentagon who fit this model, some already under various clouds of suspicion for helping Israel in the past, who fit right into the Mossad model. Picking the only prominent non-Jew as the culprit seems almost to be somebody's idea of a sick joke. If he was paid money to pass materials on to AIPAC, it was to enlist him as the patsy to take the heat off the real culprits. Although Franklin was stupid enough to meet with Manucher Ghorbanifar, that doesn't make him an Israeli spy.

  3. The story appears to be intended to direct attention away from the real scandal. Sharon didn't need to have someone slip him America's position on Iran for one simple reason: Sharon writes America's position on Iran. The neocon cabal has been in direct communication with Sharon's office from the beginnings of the Bush Administration. This is with the full blessings of Bush himself, prodded by the Christian Zionists who want Israel to have full control over American policy in the Middle East. This scandal isn't a spying scandal. It is the treason of handing over full control of American foreign policy to the leader of another country. We have seen how this played out with respect to the attack on Iraq, and we will see it play out in future attacks on Iran and Syria.

Franklin may very well have gotten over his head in meeting with Ghorbanifar, and whatever happened at those meetings may be enough to force him to take the patsy role. If he has to cop a plea, Bush will pardon him, and the whole scandal concerning the neocons and Sharon will neatly disappear. It appears that people are already preparing a Unified Theory of Bush Administration Malfeasance on Iraq, tying the meetings with Ghorbanifar with the forged Niger documents, Chalabi, Plame, and the disastrous attack. I urge extreme caution in swallowing this, as it may just be another ruse to protect the traitors who ceded full control of American Middle East policy to Ariel Sharon.