Friday, August 06, 2004

More on the church bombings

The Mujahideen Information Centre (you have to laugh that mujahideen need PR), representing three Islamic 'terrorist' groups, has denied (or different versions here or here) that their militants were behind the church bombings in Iraq. Their statement blamed Iraq's national security advisor Mowaffaq al-Rubaie of involvement in the blasts "with the help of the Zionists and Americans". Mowaffaq al-Rubaie used to be the spokesman for the Daawa (or Dawa) Party, an anti-Saddam terrorist organization, so the accusation isn't as crazy as it seems. He is also the guy who immediately popped up to blame Zarqawi. I remain convinced that such an attack by Islamic fundamentalists is senseless, particularly when they have to hoard their meagre resources to fight the main battle, that against the illegal and brutal occupiers in their country. The 'strategy of tension' as applied to Iraq is working, as the disgusting American press has used it as an excuse to claim that the Christians in Iraq are leaving for Syria and Jordan. If you examine the numbers, however, it is clear that the migration is tiny, hardly worth an article in the prestigious NYT. It is also mostly caused by the violence of the occupiers, and the general lawlessness caused by the failure of the occupiers to live up to their obligations under international law to maintain the peace. The idea that Christians are being forced to flee Islamic terrorist violence is in line with typical neocon-Zionist propaganda consistently spouted by the NYT that neither Christians nor Jews can peaceably live with Muslims.