Thursday, August 05, 2004

Right-wing terrorism in America

From an article (or here or here) on the latest in the increasingly long line of FBI whistle-blowers, Mike German, a man who has left the FBI in a dispute over a botched undercover investigation (my emphasis):

" . . . officials with knowledge of the case said the investigation took place in the Tampa, Fla., area and centered on an informant's tip about a meeting between suspected associates of a domestic militia-type group and a major but unidentified Islamic terrorist organization, who were considering joining forces. A tape recording of the meeting appeared to lend credence to the report, one official said."

This was in 2002, proving that the FBI is still up to its old tricks. Unlike the alleged Saddam-al Qaeda connection, which makes no sense, a connection between Islamic fundamentalists and American extreme right-wingers makes perfect sense. They both want to use violence to do bad things to the United States, and they are both highly anti-Semitic. The militia-types are usually short of cash, but can show the well-funded Islamic fundamentalists the ropes of operating in the United States. There is good reason to believe that the Oklahoma City bombing was such a joint venture (and don't forget the Triple Border where Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil meet which apparently contains a mix of terrorist groups, including extreme right-wing Americans and Islamic fundamentalists). Unfortunately, extreme right-wingers seem to have a fan in John Ashcroft, and they don't meet the current stereotype of what a terrorist is supposed to be, so this kind of investigation is probably a career-limiting move in the FBI or Department of Justice. The official American position is that all terrorists are Muslims, a point of view which allows the American government to use the threat of terrorism for various foreign and domestic goals. In the meanwhile, a few right-wingers are arrested from time to time, some with enormous quantities of weapons, but don't make the mainstream news because their arrests have no political value for the American government.