Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The Tent Girl and the DOE Network

I recently wrote about one of my favorite websites, the DOE Network. Noah Shachtman, who writes another of my favorite websites, Defense Tech, has written an article for Wired on the story of the Tent Girl, an unidentified body found wrapped in a burlap sack, and how she was identified by a man named Todd Matthews using information found on the internet (see also here). This success inspired the DOE Network to set up its web site. The mysterious case of an unidentified man and woman found murdered in South Carolina, which I referred to in my earlier posting, has been updated with information that indicates to me that they were almost certainly French Canadian (the man claimed he was the son of a prominent Canadian doctor), and probably someone should be contacting dental associations in Quebec and New Brunswick. The DOE Network has also done recent postings on two infamous missing person cases, Judge Crater, and Richard James Edwards. I used to watch Unsolved Mysteries just for the missing person cases, and confess an addiction for this sort of mystery.