Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The price of oil

In the extremely unlikely eventuality that George Bush loses the upcoming American Presidential election, it won't be because he is a moron, or insane, or an alcoholic, or a drug addict, or a deserter, or because he started an illegal and immoral and disastrous war in Iraq based on a series of lies told to the American people, or because he is destroying the environment, or because his policies are impoverishing the American people and devastating the American economy. No. It will be because the soccer moms driving to the polling stations in their SUV's notice that the gasoline prices are too high (not to mention heating oil). This is exactly the kind of symbolic issue which reflects whether Bush is capable of running the country. So why aren't the Republicans, who are connected to those who can manipulate the price of oil, doing anything about it? Actually, Bush dabbled in releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, but appeared to do so only in response to temporary shortages caused by Hurricane Ivan and not for partisan political reasons (actually, the Bush Administration acted more responsibly than John Kerry). Could it be that the reason the Republicans are unconcerned about this obvious key political issue - it's the gas prices, stupid - is that the combination of various forms of cheating and voter intimidation, together with crooked computer voting machines, mean that Rove does not care about how Americans actually vote, or would vote if they could? Could it be that the Republican lack of concern reflects the fact that they know that the official election results will not reflect the actual choice of the voters?