Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Bush's electronic brain

It is clear now from an analysis of the photographic and video evidence that Bush indeed wears an electronic device on his back, almost certainly some form of radio communication system used to prompt him in unscripted situations. The whole Rovean neo-fascist playbook depends on extreme simplicity of message, which includes both the substance of the message and the way in which it is expressed. Bush's followers want, expect and need completely unnuanced politics - good versus evil, us versus them, decency versus liberalism. This politics is delivered to them in the form of carefully scripted sound bites in easily digested one-liners. The problem is that Bush's substance-abuse addled brain isn't up to the task of delivering these lines without mangling them, and mangling introduces exactly the kind of dissonance which his followers can't tolerate. It is therefore necessary in the very rare unscripted situations that Bush has to endure - like the debates - for someone to be in his ear reciting the exact wording of the official Republican talking points. When the prompter, probably frustrated by Bush's inability to get anything right, tries to prompt too much, he completely confuses Bush, and makes him appear even stupider than he actually is. This whole sorry incident proves:

  • Bush isn't even up to the task of communicating the simplistic political lines he supposedly believes in;

  • the Republicans will try anything to cover up for Bush's inadequacies, and will then lie about it when caught;

  • the disgusting American media, which has avoided this issue like the plague, is just a Republican propaganda machine;

  • it is very difficult to deliver messages consistently simplistic and stupid enough to satisfy a large proportion of the American electorate.