Sunday, January 23, 2005

The 2004 American Presidential election

Here is the single best thing I've read on the jaw-dropping record of vote suppression and vote fraud which constituted the last American Presidential election. All Americans who care about their country ought to memorize it. Needless to say, it does not come out of the United States - where the state of democracy is considered to be perfect - but from an English professor from a small city in southern Ontario. Careful analysis of voting in Ohio and across the country - not to mention the completely crooked Ohio 'recount' - makes the conclusion inescapable: Kerry won, and the only reason he is not President was a systematic campaign by the Republicans to steal the election. Pious commentators who call themselves progressives or Democrats who glibly state that Bush won and it's time to move on are simply uninformed - and you'd think they would care enough to make themselves informed - or are lying, to themselves or to everybody else.

I recently referred to the example of polling results in Auglaize County in western Ohio. In that county, voter turnout increased by 3911 people from the 2000 election. Bush received 3779 more votes than he got in 2000; Kerry picked up 557 more votes than Gore got in 2000 (there were other, minor candidates, so the numbers don't quite add up). Bush received essentially all the votes from the increased voter turnout, at a time when Bush was an extremely unpopular incumbent. It is simply not possible. There are allegations that a former employee of Election Systems and Software had unauthorized access to the main computer that counted the votes, allegations which went nowhere. This is the same pattern that occurred all over the United States on voting day, but particularly in the key states of Florida and Ohio.

The 2004 election is the culmination of forty years of American conspiracy starting with the murder of JFK, with the failure to investigate each conspiracy leading directly to the next one. When Earl Warren decided he had to lie to the American people about who was really responsible for the death of JFK, he set in motion a series of head-in-the-sand bad decisions that continue up to today. The consistent lack of courage in facing its demons has left the United States in a bit of a pickle, as it now faces an almost inconceivably bleak future of theocratic leadership, disastrous economic policies, and a never-ending series of wars.