Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Abbas arafated

Within hours of the confirmation of the election of Mahmoud Abbas to lead the Palestinians, Ariel Sharon urged Abbas to end terrorist attacks and to dismantle Islamic militant groups (Sharon may have even tried to limit the scope of a meeting with Abbas to discussions of security cooperation). Since Abbas has no more ability to restrain the militants than Arafat had, we can see how Abbas is being immediately set up in exactly the same way that Arafat was. There will be much talk of how the election of Abbas will finally give Israel that elusive 'negotiating partner', and that peace is just around the corner. Once a few 'terrorist' incidents occur, however, the Israelis will sadly conclude that Abbas is just another Arafat, and clearly not a 'negotiating partner' as his failure to restrain the militants indicates that he really doesn't want peace. Noam Chomsky presents a masterful history of the Israeli propaganda lie that the Palestinians never wanted to negotiate with Israel, an amazingly successful lie given the quantity of evidence to the contrary and the fact that it makes absolutely no sense for the Palestinians not to want to negotiate. Once the Israeli-American propagandists turn Abbas into Arafat II, the Israelis will celebrate not having to negotiate - and the continuation of the Project of building Greater Israel - in their traditional way by shooting a few Palestinian children, knocking down a few hundred Palestinian houses, building some more of the Wall, expanding the illegal settlements, and receiving a few more billion dollars of American taxpayer money.