Tuesday, January 04, 2005

European Anti-Semitism

Tony Judt has written a fine article (or here or here) on the systematic abuse of the term 'anti-Semitism' by Americans and Zionists in referring to Europe:

". . . whereas most Europeans believe that the problem originates in the Middle East and must therefore be addressed there, the ADL and many American commentators conclude rather that there is no longer any difference between being 'against' Israel and 'against' Jews: i.e., that in Europe anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism have become synonymous. But that is palpably false. Some of the highest levels of pro-Palestinian sympathy in Europe today are recorded in Denmark, a country that also registers as one of the least anti-Semitic by the ADL's own criteria – and the ADL has worked harder than anyone to propagate the image of rampant European anti-Semitism. Another country with a high level of support for the Arabs of Palestine is the Netherlands; yet according to the ADL the Dutch have the lowest anti-Semitic quotient in Europe, and 83 percent of Dutch citizens believe the government should take a role in combating anti-Semitism.

In other words, some of the most widespread pro-Palestinian and even anti-Zionist views are to be found in countries that have long been – and still are – decidedly philo-Semitic."


"It is the policies of Israeli governments, especially in the past two decades, that have provoked widespread anti-Jewish feelings in Europe and elsewhere. This may seem absurd, but there is a certain tragic logic to it. Zionists have always insisted that there is no distinction between the Jewish people and the Jewish state. The latter offers a right of citizenship to Jews anywhere in the world. Israel is not the state of all its citizens, much less all its residents; it is the state of (all) Jews. Its leaders purport to speak for Jews everywhere. They can hardly be surprised when their own behavior provokes a backlash against ... Jews."

and (my emphasis):

"What, then, is to be done? Those of us who take seriously the problem of anti-Semitism – but who utterly reject the suggestion that we ourselves are in danger of sympathizing with anti-Semitism under the guise of anti-Zionism – must begin by constructing and defending a firewall between the two. Israel does not speak for Jews; but Israel's claim to speak for Jews everywhere is the chief reason that anti-Israel sentiments are transposed into Judeophobia. Jews and others must learn to shed inhibitions and criticize Israel's policies and actions just as they would those of any other established state."

There is racist hatred everywhere, but Europe is doing as good a job as anyone has ever done in dealing with it. The only reason we hear so much about the supposed rise of European anti-Semitism is because it is part of the ongoing propaganda war of the Zionists to continue the racist and criminal activities of the State of Israel (and whenever you hear about the Holocaust it is just more public relations spin to cover up the abuse of Arabs who had nothing to do with it). The way things are headed, the Jewish people are going to be around a lot longer than Israel, and many people are going to be sorry that they allowed the Zionists to misuse and manipulate charges of anti-Jewish hatred in order to further their evil goals. To show how ridiculous the Zionist position is becoming, Germany is considering putting restrictions on the ability of Jews from the states of the former Soviet Union to immigrate to Germany. Despite the fact that they would be welcomed with front page news stories, not to mention free housing paid for by American dollars on Palestinian land, Jewish people are voting with their feet and choosing to live in the country of the Holocaust. These Jews know where the real anti-Semites live.