Monday, January 10, 2005

Gary Webb's motorcycle

If Gary Webb was assassinated, was the theft of his motorcycle connected with the assassination? Maybe it was part of a plan to create an excuse to have him meet with someone in a convenient location on the pretense that he could recover the motorcycle. Had that plan been used, his death would have been labeled an unsolved murder. Or maybe the conspirators thought they could find a source of Webb's handwriting in some place on the motorcycle. Once they had a source of his writing, experts could fake an excellent suicide note. The existence of a suicide note seems to have a mesmerizing effect on police, coroners, and would-be conspiracists. It is little wonder that the highest caliber of assassin - and Webb would rate the best - would ensure that a high quality suicide note was found. The note concludes the issue for almost everybody except those who have a particular reason to be careful, and those people get a clear message from the two shots to the head. It is little wonder that there aren't any investigative journalists left. They are all either dead or scared away.