Monday, January 17, 2005

Iraqi election

The American pseudo-election to be held in Iraq consists of the usual back-room created 'lists' of candidates which the voters are supposed to choose from. This is the modern version of elections foisted on people by political scientists who fear that democracy cannot be served if the voter has any chance of knowing what he or she is voting for. The fillip in the Iraqi election - and here is where it starts to become surreal - is that most of the choices on the lists are afraid to reveal their names for fear of being killed. The only people whose names will be shown are those closely connected to the American security apparatus, or those rich enough to be able to be surrounded by bodyguards. Talk about a pig in a poke! How can it possibly be called an election when you don't even know who it is you are voting for? Never fear, because the crack Canadian team of election monitors is on the case, fresh from certifying that the highly questionable Ukrainian election was completely fair. Unfortunately, because Iraq is a scary place, they will be monitoring its fairness from, uh, Jordan. I hope they have good binoculars!