Monday, January 17, 2005

Israeli demographics and the AEI

A study by the American Enterprise Institute - and one might ask why it up to them to commission it - has determined that there really is no Israeli demographic problem, as the number of Palestinians and their rate of growth have been grossly overstated. You know this has gotta be right, as some of the worthies involved in the new report are Yoram Ettinger, a consultant to members of Israel's Cabinet and Knesset, and Brig. Gen. (Ret.) David Shahaf, former Head of the Civil Administration in the West Bank. Caroline Glick, writing in the Jerusalem Post, is beside herself with joy at the news, and concludes that there is no longer any reason to withdraw from the Gaza Strip. She writes:

"While Hamas has placed its emphasis mainly on the terrorist aspect of the post-modern battlefield, the PLO has placed an equal emphasis on the psychological component of the war. In fact, it could be said in retrospect that the greatest single victory the PLO has scored in its 46-year-old war with Israel was the publication of a single report in 1997. That report, 'Demographic Indicators of the Palestinian Territory, 1997-2015,' is based on a census carried out by the PA's Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) in 1997. It projects that the Arab population west of the Jordan River will by 2015 outnumber the Jewish population."


"The entire 117-page report can be accessed on-line at Given that it shows that the government's current policies are based in large part on an uncritical acceptance of fraudulent data whose purpose was to demoralize us into capitulating to our post-modern foe, hopefully Olmert and Sharon will take a look at it."

Post-modern foe! I know that this is a radical idea, but why doesn't someone - say the UN - hold a census to find out the real numbers. You know why that's not going to happen? Because Israel is terrified that the Palestinians already outnumber the Jews in Greater Israel.