Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The poisoner's art

I've only seen one post on the internet suspicious of the convenient death of Bob Matsui. The other posters in the thread dumped all over the idea (with the exception of this very interesting post). But think about it for a minute. Matsui was gearing up to be the point man for the Democrats in challenging Bush's plans for social security 'reform', a process which amounts to putting old people on the ice floe. The financial services industry will make billions and billions and billions of very easy dollars if Bush gets away with this. This is quite possibly the biggest windfall in American history, particularly useful now as the money to be made bilking investors in the U. S. stock markets is likely to dry up. These kind of people would torture their grandmothers to death for a nickel. Why would anyone have any trouble believing that they wouldn't put up a few hundred thousand to buy the services of a world class poisoner? The rate of return on that investment - which is how these people view the world - would be enormous. Mysterious blood diseases which attack extremely quickly seem to be the state of the poisoner's art . . . think Arafat. Watch the Democrats now fold up, as always, like a cheap suitcase. By getting rid of Matsui, the plutocrats not only removed a huge obstacle, they also sent a warning to others.