Tuesday, January 18, 2005

WMD/CBS timeline

WMD/CBS timeline:

  1. Sometime in December: Duelfer stops turning over rocks in Iraq and officially concludes there are no weapons of mass destruction.

  2. Late December (reported on in early January): CBS News president Andrew Heyward visits White House communications director Dan Bartlett, presumably to abjectly apologize for daring to commit the crime of lese-majesty by reporting on King Georges's AWOL war record, and to negotiate whose heads will have to be served up to atone.

  3. January 10: After the release of the Boccardi/Thornburgh report (the contents of which CBS knew on December 29), CBS fires the four employees who dared to do their jobs (the specific heads that rolled were presumably part of the Heyward-Bartlett meeting, and allowed Heyward to keep his job).

  4. January 12: The WMD story is reported about a month late, based on an admission made by the White House.

The non-story of the CBS firings, which dominated American news and discussion for days, was neatly used to cover the huge story - almost completely ignored - that George Bush lied to the American people, Congress, and the world in order to start a war which has turned into a debacle for the United States. The White House, which presumably needed the cooperation of the disgusting American media, delayed the WMD story just enough to have it completely covered by the CBS story.