Sunday, February 27, 2005

Neocon Anti-Turkish slander

The Agonist does a good job of tying the slanderous attack on Turkey by Robert J. Pollock of the War Street Journal to a similarly slanderous attack on Turkey by Michael Rubin of the American Enterprise Institute. Note the logic of Rubin's analysis: Turkey's economy is doing well, the Saudis have lots of money to invest (having drawn billions out of the U. S. economy), therefore the strength of the Turkish economy must rest on an influx of Saudi money, bringing with it the vile influence of Saudi Islamist politics on Turkey. Not a shred of proof for any of this, of course. The facts are that Turkey is moving rather definitively towards policies which will see it enter the European Union, and the neocons are trying to stop this with the usual parade of AEI lies.