Sunday, February 20, 2005

A one-two JFK/LBJ assassination scenario

Anyone interested in 'alternative' American history might like to read these two threads on possible patsy Robert Babcock (an odd coincidence is that the name 'Robert Babcock' also appears in the Warren Commission exhibits [p. 7 of pdf]), Barry Goldwater, Prescott Bush, and the assassination of JFK (see also here). It's never made a whole lot of sense for the right-wingers to kill Kennedy to get Johnson, as Johnson was fundamentally a much more progressive politician than Kennedy was or would have been (I know that is not the general view, but just look at the legislative record of Johnson on income distribution and civil rights). I've never heard the Babcock story before (is there any confirmation?), but a one-two JFK/LBJ assassination scenario to put Goldwater in the White House makes perfect sense. It's long been suspected that George H. W. Bush was in Dallas working for the CIA on November 22, 1963, and was somehow involved in the assassination (see here or here - note the involvement of Preston Bush, George H. W.'s father, in Nixon's career - and here and here). Was he there because of a Prescott Bush/Barry Goldwater plot? Prescott Bush is perhaps unfairly ignored in the covert history of the United States. Barry Goldwater's spirit is still alive in Washington in the person of John McCain. If the Republicans start to falter on the economy or the Zionist wars, watch for McCain to be touted as the new alternative.