Monday, March 28, 2005

AIPAC Pollard Iran

Now that the AIPAC Two are being prepared to take the rap for whatever it is the FBI thinks AIPAC has done, the whole matter will be swept under the rug and the apparent complete control of Israel over American politics will be allowed to continue in its normal course. We will never know what information the FBI was able to present to the Grand Jury, and will never know even the tip of the iceberg of AIPAC shenanigans. But we can speculate.

One of the difficulties in guessing what AIPAC might have done is that recent past history has proven that it is impossible for Israeli spies to create any consternation whatsoever in official Washington. They can drive white vans wherever they want, hang around military installations and power plants to their heart's content, set up hundreds (?) of fake moving companies to do God knows what, send 'art students' to every office in the country, including into the offices of the DEA, conduct industrial espionage, film rural Oklahoma, fill all the shopping malls with agents selling cheap children's toys, assist in the Israeli manufacture and distribution of illegal drugs, follow the alleged 19 9-11 hijackers around all over the country without saying boo about it to the U. S. government, and even film and cheer the destruction of the World Trade Center, all without the tiniest concern from American officials. The worst that happens is that the spies are quietly - very quietly - deported. So what is left that AIPAC could have done that would provoke the FBI to investigate?

The two word answer is: Jonathan Pollard. If you are an Israeli spy you can do just about anything, but you can't do what Jonathan Pollard did. That's the apple you can't eat, or you are thrown out of the Garden of Eden. Pollard and his Israeli handlers sent important American strategic secrets to a real American enemy, in this case Russia, in return for emigration favors from the Russians. The American Powers That Be remain so furious about this that Clinton was not allowed to pardon Pollard - they had to settle for the consolation prize of Marc Rich - and even the Israel-lovin' Bush Administration has been able to resist the unrelenting Israeli pressure to let him go. Of course, the issue of Pollard has become symbolic for Israel. The Israelis know that if they can pry Pollard free they will then officially own the United States. As the Israelis chose to play power politics over this issue, Pollard remains in jail.

If AIPAC did something so wrong it would lead to a Grand Jury, it would have had to have been a Pollard-level crime, i. e., turning strategically important American secrets over to a real enemy. The Americans treat the whole world as an enemy these days, but the only real enemies are China and the Axis of Evil. While we can't rule China out, particularly as Israel is clearly moving to make China its new best friend after the United States ruins itself helping the Zionists build Greater Israel, I think it is more likely that the enemy in question is in the Axis of Evil. Iran is the most likely subject. What could the Israelis offer Iran, and what could Iran offer in return?

The Americans have admitted that their intelligence in Iran is terrible, as the Iranians manage to find and execute all their agents. The obvious reason for this is that the Iranians are getting information on who these agents are. Do you think it possible that AIPAC was caught assisting Israel in betraying American spy networks in Iran? The Iranians could offer in return to free captured Israeli spies. The deal would essentially be to destroy American spies and the American ability to gather intelligence in return for the lives of Israeli spies and the continued ability of Israel to gather intelligence. I'm obviously just guessing, but my guess tracks the cover story printed in the Jerusalem Post, that the information in the 'entrapment' related to the lives of Israeli spies in Kurdistan (a cover story important enough that they decided to admit they had agents in Kurdistan, something they had previously denied). If this is indeed a spy story, Iran is the most likely country being spied upon, particularly as both Israel and the United States want to know where to bomb. Betraying an American spy network in a country considered to be a real enemy would be a Pollard-type crime, and at a Pollard-level of importance. It would be enough to get AIPAC into some serious trouble. Does Israel already own the United States to the extent it can pull AIPAC out of trouble?