Wednesday, March 16, 2005


You should really be reading William Engdahl:

  1. a general interview;

  2. a list (or here or here) of future American targets;

  3. the Euro versus the Dollar;

  4. the elections in the Ukraine;

  5. the real reasons for the attack on Iraq; and

  6. the coming U. S. economic collapse.

I would classify Engdahl as a conservative - if you read his book, you will see that he shares with Lyndon LaRouche a paranoid dislike of hippies! - who, unusually for a conservative these days, doesn't have his head up his ass admiring the view. His theories make sense even if you discount, as I do, the 'Peak Oil' nonsense currently being used by the oil companies to force up oil prices (just as they did in the late '70's, and Engdahl, of all people, should know better). Controlling world oil supplies makes sense even if there's lots of it, particularly if you're trying to use your military control of the oil fields to blackmail your European and Asian lenders into continuing to fund your profligate spending. I think he's right in seeing Syria as the next Bush target rather than Iran. The Israelis have been a little too ostentatious in their attacks on Iran (if they were really planning an attack, they wouldn't advertise it so much). The relationship between Israel and Iran is very hard to understand. Although Israel bombed Iran in 1981, Israel and Iran were clearly on the same side in Iran Contra, and the 'doctrine of the periphery', the idea that Israel should befriend non-Arab countries like Iran and Turkey and Ethiopia that are outside of the Arab countries surrounding Israel, means that Iran, very much unlike Syria, is a logical ally of Israel. The key factor is that Iran doesn't lie in the path of Greater Israel. The long-term wishful thinking of the Zionists seems to be to try to create an alliance with the Iran-Iraq Shi'ite block that American-Israeli tactics in Iraq seems to be trying to create.