Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Killers and Contexts

Scroll down (the part you scroll through is also interesting) here for the theory by David McGowan that at least one of the alleged killings by the recently-captured BTK Strangler, that of the Otero family, was some kind of official assassination, and the concept of the BTK Strangler as serial killer was created in order to cover up the real reason for the crime. In fact, McGowan goes farther in stating that "another motivation for the CIA/FBI's creation of the serial killer mythos is to provide a handy way for the state to disguise politically motivated assassinations as random, motiveless killings."

My favorite serial killer is the Zodiac, the murderer and taunting letter writer who operated in the San Francisco area in the late 1960's and early 1970's. The best web site on the Zodiac is here. This site and this site are also interesting, but are marred by fixations on unlikely suspects (the most unlikely suspect of all is Ted Kaczynski, but recent thinking that another Ted, Ted Bundy, might have been involved are intriguing). The best discussion board by far is here. None of the killings by the Zodiac were obviously political, but by creating a near panic in the San Francisco area they certainly increased the importance of the police (and also inspired the neo-fascist - but fun - 'Dirty Harry' movies and their accompanying mentality: 'Feelin' lucky punk?').

An odd angle in the JonBenet Ramsey murder was that her father, John Ramsey, was president of Access Graphics, and the kidnappers asked for a ransom almost exactly equal to the amount of his bonus from Access Graphics. John Ramsey even speculated that the attack might have been directed at Access Graphics. Access Graphics at the time was owned by Lockheed Martin, but has since been sold to GE Capital Services. Although Access Graphics is a computer distribution company, there have been many rumors about it floating around the internet, including that it was involved in highly classified Pentagon contracts, which might explain why Lockheed Martin was interested in it. The JonBenet murder may have to be considered in an entirely new context.


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