Friday, March 25, 2005

The magic plane theory

Mark Manning is an American documentary film maker who is one of the first people with knowledge of what happened in Falluja. He reports on such things as the use of depleted uranium and chemical weapons on Falluja, the sham Iraqi elections, and the fact that the United States can never win the war in Iraq. What struck me were interesting captions to two of his pictures:

"Manning inspects a room where a 5-year-old Iraqi boy was killed in his sleep by an incoming shell. Manning said the shell penetrated through four concrete walls - without obliterating them - before arriving at its final destination. This, he said, indicated the shell's tip was packed with depleted uranium. The boy in the foreground was in the room with his brother when the attack occurred."


"This hole shows where a depleted uranium shell passed through, Manning said, 'burning' holes through walls rather than knocking them down outright. Manning said so much depleted uranium's been deployed in Falluja and Iraq that the whole nation will be afflicted with radiation poisoning."

Reminds me of the neatly-edged holes in the Pentagon on September 11. Although many airplanes have depleted uranium in them, including in the nose cone, the Boeing 757 does not. It's particularly interesting that the plane apparently went right through the building starting with a neat little entrance hole - note the burning white car and the truck obscured by smoke, which like the wall, survived having the wings of the plane collapse and be dragged into the hole with hardly a scratch - and then made an equally neat exit hole, as if the building itself had very little effect on its wall-cutting ability (I've been going on about the entrance hole for a while now, but haven't thought much about the miraculous exit hole). Then, like the rest of the plane, this magical hole cutter just disappeared. We've graduated from the magic bullet theory to the magic plane theory.