Thursday, March 24, 2005

The saga of Bobby Fischer

The saga of Bobby Fischer has ended where all all sagas should end, in Iceland. While the terrible rumor that the neocons wanted him to make his blood into matzos for Passover is undoubtedly a lie created by the Russian secret service, it is difficult to come up with a rational reason for the bizarre efforts of the American government to bring Fischer to justice for breaking an obscure American edict issued fifteen years ago, for playing a freakin' chess game, when no American administration had apparently cared about it in the interim. Fischer's real crime was of course making some outspoken, if true, statements in the wake of September 11 about the United States and Israel and their unholy alliance against Islam.

The Japanese have behaved abominably in the whole affair, acting as the stooges of the worst of the American neocons in efforts to free Jenkins by serving up Fischer. Not only did the Japanese treat one of the greatest chess players of all time like a diplomatic football, they imprisoned him like a common criminal, and treated him with brutality. In the end, they were thwarted by Fischer's superior strategy. They were forced into claiming that they were only strictly following their own legal procedures, and were not just the American stooges they appeared to be. They were then forced to admit they would have to return Fischer to any country he was a citizen of, no doubt believing that no country would have the courage to issue citizenship to Fischer. Due to the heroic efforts of Iceland - by the way, have you ever heard anything bad said about Iceland? - in granting citizenship to Fischer in the face of tremendous American pressure, the Japanese were finally forced, in order to 'save face' (not that they have any left to save), to do the right thing they should have done in the first place and send him somewhere other than the United States.

Bobby Fischer's friend John Bosnitch said:

"Bobby won his freedom by appealing to the independent people of Iceland to remember and protect an old friend. The Icelanders have responded in a manner that to them is merely normal but which to the rest of the world constitutes nothing less than outstanding bravery."

Fischer, continuing his tradition of honesty, said on the plane to his new home (all his chess records should be amended to note they were obtained by a citizen of Iceland):

"The United States is an illegitimate country . . . just like the bandit state of Israel - the Jews have no right to be there, it belongs to the Palestinians. That country, the United States, belongs to the red man, the American Indian . . . It's actually a shame to be a so-called American because everybody living there is . . . an invader."

The general response these days to the truth is to call the truth-sayer insane, when Fischer, who lives his life the way he wants to, seems to me to be one of the rare sane and free people in the world.

Just as in the case of Syria and Lebanon, where collaborative efforts of world leaders at least temporarily saved Syria and Lebanon from the predations of neocon schemers, this world effort to save Bobby Fischer from American imprisonment proves once again that the neocons can be beaten. Despite having the full strength of the United States behind them, they have two weaknesses. First, they're stupid. Secondly, they think they're smart. To show how ridiculous and vindictive they are, the Americans are now going after Fischer for money laundering. Money laundering? You see, Fischer played his chess games in Yugoslavia thus breaking American law. Therefore, the payment to him for the games was an illegal act, and Fischer's paying this money to someone else constitutes money laundering! The real reason for this obvious miscarriage of justice is that they think money laundering is an extradictable offence. Those mazos just aren't going to taste right till they get their hands on him.